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The EMP Gun is a weapon featured in Watch Dogs.


The EMP Gun is a semi-automatic pistol exclusive to the Alone Digital Trip, and can be used to disable robots for a short period of time. The EMP Gun can be acquired for 1 skill point in the Alone skill tree.

The gun, as stated by its name, is fitted with Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP), which is a short burst of electromagnetic energy that can disable any electrical-working device in the area. This explains why it disables robots, as with the grenade counterpart. The EMP Gun can restore its ammunition by knocking out robots.


The EMP Gun appears to be based on the D50 semi-automatic pistol, but fires shots of electricity instead of bullets, which disables robots.


  • The EMP Gun is similar to the 2EZ Stun Gun used by Marcus Holloway in Watch Dogs 2; the key difference, however, is the EMP Gun has a finite amount of ammunition, whereas the 2EZ has an infinite amount of ammunition.


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