A series of driving hacks are featured in Watch Dogs.


The CTOS controls a number of systems that help maintain order with regards to road infrastructure and traffic flow. Some systems, such as steam pipes, also run beneath the streets. Driving hacks appear in a four level branch system, where hacks have to be upgraded in level order for each branch.

These branches of hacks expose the vulnerabilities of using a vehicle and road infrastructure controlled by a system such as the CTOS.


Level one

  • Traffic lights; redirect traffic signals to cause an accident. (Consumes one unit of battery power per usage)

Level two

  • Garage doors; raise and lower garage doors. (Does not consume battery)

Level three

  • Access switch; raise or lower the city's bridges. (Does not consume battery)
  • Blockers; raise or lower the city's blockers. (Consumes 1 battery unit)

Level four

  • Spikes; engage retractable road spikes. (Consumes 1 battery unit) (Effects can be counteracted with the Precision Driver skill)
  • Steam jets; overload pipes and cause steam jets. (Consumes two battery units per usage)

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